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“php crm system” Built for small and medium sized sales and marketing team, “php crm system” offers tools for managing customer relationships from contact to customer conversion.

Customer relationship management (CRM) Software help you take care of your current and future customers. With CRM System , your sales, marketing, lead and customer services team interactions with customers are  managed by one place. You’ll make better business decisions because you always have accurate and up-to-date client information.

PHP CRM Script can help by storing all this information in an easy-access format. With a typical CRM Script, new leads are entered into the script’s database and salespeople add records. It’s then easy for a business to compile reports from this data that help it to design a CRM strategy that’s tailored to its clients. The PHP CRM software can also automatically send out emails to individual clients as designated by the salesman. For example, a Salesman might program his CRM to send out a thank you message whenever a customer reaches his or her one-year anniversary of purchase, or to send an e-card on the client’s birthday.

PHP CRM Software

Customer Management

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is an essential part of modern business. CRM helps in profiling prospects, understanding customer needs  and in building relationships with them by providing the most suitable products and enhanced client service.

Project Management

Project management is the process and activity of planning, organizing and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. A project is a temporary endeavor designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end , undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial change or added value.

100 % free Source code

“PHP CRM SYSTEM” script come with 100% source code, so you can easily amend them to suit your needs. none of the php or html code is encoded at all.

CRM Script - Reports

In CRM Software you can easily get reports and easily can analysis about business.


PHP CRM System - PHP CRM Script Customer

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CRM Script - CRM Software - PHP CRM Software

What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer Relationship Management or CRM Software improves your business interaction with your customer. CRM Script is seen as a system to get information about your customers. CRM Script gathers the information of your customer to improve support and services to your customers. CRM is about what you do with that information to meet the needs of your customers and identify new customers, resulting in higher profits for you.

CRM is the process of gathering, confining and growing profitable customers. It is not a smart process to build and uphold an effective customer relationship. Organisations must change their traditional learning and knowledge management programs. The customer relationship management model focuses on its customer and places the customers needs first. This CRM Script is designed to help business owners take a step ahead in the customer relationship management (CRM) and implement CRM in your business. If you want to understand how to better meet your client’s needs, this script is for you.

Customer Relationship Management Script:

CRM script is a customer relationship management script built for the way businesses work now. It is mobile,reliable and automated so that your team can get the time to focus on improving client relationships while the CRM Script does the rest. This CRM System has a mobile responsive design so that it can be seen from a mobile and it is developed in CodeIgniter PHP framework with MySQL Database.

CodeIgniter CRM Script helps businesses improve customer relationships by organising and automating communications and activities. With CodeIgniter CRM Script you can store and manage all your business relations in one place. It can manage your business, not just customers, but also contacts, vendors,products and more. It has following key features:

  • Attractive Dashboard
  • Sales Team manager
  • Leads
  • Customers
  • Logged Calls
  • Meetings
  • Manage Projects
  • Quotations
  • Sales Order
  • Invoices
  • Manage Staff

CRM Script - Contact

    CRM Script - Online Simple CRM Software

    Why use CRM Script?

    This question often comes to many businessman minds when they look towards purchasing a CRM System. These business owners see CRM Software as an expense not as an investment. This is a “Why fix it if it is not broken” attitude. This attitude is driving these companies out of the competition and makes them end up taking lower shares of the market than their competitors.

    A CRM Software, or customer-relationship management, system is used by businesses to see and check their sales, marketing and relationship with their customer. It integrates different business departments which helps increasing the overall revenue. So, business owners can invest in a CRM System and enjoy the integration of their business departments resulting into bringing in more profits as well as improving overall service, support and sales.

    Different types of CodeIgniter CRM Scripts are currently available in the market, but they can be divided into 2 main groups, traditional On-Premise/On- Site CRM software and web-based/Cloud based CRM solutions. The advantages and disadvantages of these 2 different CRM groups vary a lot as both of them perform differently.

    By implementing the right CRM, you can improve your customer relationships and build customer loyalty. CodeIgniter Customer Relationship Management Software can have a huge impact on your business revenue.

    CRM software will change the way you communicate with your customers it will make the internal processes automatic, which means less manual work and more time to focus on your customers.

    Advantages of using CRM Script

    CRM script manages all your customer data in one place and makes your business more productive and efficient by tracking customers history, adding reminders for the sales calls and meetings.

    • It helps to manage your growing data and speeds up the process.
    • It centralizes all the data. The process becomes automated such as sending auto emails to the customers.
    • It builds good relationships with your customers, such as sending wishes on their Birthday.
    • Determine where and how to make improvements in your business, for example, you can check your business strategy integration with other CRM Services and other apps.
    • A CRM System helps your business by improving the relationship with existing customers, finding new customers and win back former customers. This is done by integrating into a software system that collects, organizes and manages the customers’ information.
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