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What is HR software?

HR software is a single set-up digital solution to manage and streamline the day-to-day operations of human resources and organizational HR objectives. HR software makes it possible to have an error free time efficient human resources department just a click away.

Human Resources technology covers every aspect of employee management, including recruitment, administration, task management , talent management and resource allocation.

Why do we need HR Software?

Every organization needs an HR department. This department looks after payrolls, employees information , daily task allocation , staffing/ hiring and asset management and much more . Since along time this was handled by humans it is subject to some errors, and these tasks are at high priority thus HR software’s provides a company a one stop solution for managing and optimize these tasks with reduced error rate.

It is utilized by workers to deal with the numerous significant issues that aren’t straightforwardly connected with their positions yet are essential . HR software helps to smooth out the most common way of gathering and keeping up with exact employee related information and ensuring the business is in consistence with government and state wellbeing, security and work regulations.

HR Software includes:

    • HRMS or HRIS: functionality helps HR manage personnel information; payroll; and benefits administration and HR service delivery functions, such as HR help desk and employee self-service. This functionality has a board range of features. Some key features are:

Employee management system:

This features helps the company to keep record of employee personal and professional information which is essential for an organization. It gives us the list of all the employees currently working and active and helps managers asses and manage this information.

Payroll management system:

At the end of each month the admin has the duty to pay all the employees, this can be a very tedious task as each employee has different pay scales , different working hours and different monthly allowances. However HR software allows the admin a hassle-free distribution of salary at the end of each month as the software calculates the payroll of each employee.

Document management system:

When an employee join an organization, certain documents are submitted by the employee to the company. These documents are important and should be efficiently handled by the HR of the company. This management system provides just that. An efficient way to store and manage employees files and documents. It helps to organize documents of all the employees working in the company.

Assets management system:

An asset is something of value a company or organization own. This is used for the development of the company and given to their employees for company use. Asset management system keep records all the company/organization’s asset distributed to their employees. Assets like laptop, vehicles, equipment’s and other assets can be tracked/ recorded using this software.

  • Workforce management:
    functions include time clocks, time off and absence management and scheduling.

Attendance management system:

Every company like to know the exact working hours put in by their employees. And get a handy monthly attendance report of each employee in front of the screen. With HR software any company can have a hassle-free and easy attendance management system. The employees log and manage their attendance.

Leave management system:

This feature records leaves taken by each employee, keep track of number of leaves left and give a concise report of this information to the admin thereby effectively eliminating manual processes for tracking leave and employee absences. From applying to getting a response on the application, all this is done by the software.

  • Talent management: functions, such as recruiting, onboarding, career planning, performance, learning and development, compensation and succession planning, help HR teams stay on top of what skills the company needs.

Performance and certification management system:

For any employee their monthly performance report is very important. These reposts help their promotion appraisals etc thus each employee can get their monthly report through this software. The manager can add performance reports/ ratings for each employee.

To boost employees moral it is highly important that they get recognized for their hard work towards the company. This features helps to keep record of all the certificates like employee of the month, appreciation certificate etc.

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS): An ATS is recruiting software that helps streamline the hiring process for an organization from beginning to end. It handles tasks such as posting job openings to multiple job boards, storing applicant information , and screening applications for potential matches.

Recruitment and Candidate assessment tool:

This features helps in recruitment, hiring and staffing the company. It is completely in control of the admin and helps to see viable candidates for the company, vacant jobs and their skills required , assign assessments for the job as well as make these assessments. The software tool streamlines or automate some part of the recruitment workflow including functions such as sourcing, selecting, screening, and interviewing candidates.

Benefits of HR software

  • Effectiveness and efficiency: Effectively reduces time and labor and this help HR officials of an organization to have a task focused software.
  • Cost saving: Not only helps cut-off mundane tasks but also significantly reduces the cost for recording and documentation of employee personal and professional information.
  • Employee maintenance: The software brings a sense of disciple amongst the employee and helps them perform more effectively.


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