Free Software For Astrologer

Free Software For Astrologer


An Astrology Software is the one that helps the Astrology business by managing their customer’s information, storing customers data like their horoscopes, communicating with the customers etc will be done using this software.

What can we do with Astrologer Software?

With the use of Astrology software, we can deal with customers effectively, generate relationships with customers, store customer information, deal with their queries, book appointments, create invoices, manage contacts and calls etc. This saves time and saves your and your customer’s data on your system.

What can we do with PHP CRM as Astrologer Software?

With PHP CRM Software we can capture leads, follow up leads and customers, track the bookings, make appointments, create and send quotes and invoices, report accounts, send Emails and SMS alerts. It also helps in managing customers, customer calls, customer data, expenses, staff, taxes, catalogue and many more can be done with PHP CRM Software.

What are the benefits of using PHP CRM as Astrologer Software?

The benefits of using PHP CRM as Astrologer Software are

  1. It collects leads in one place
  2. Uses API auto-capture
  3. Makes it easy to follow up with the sales team
  4. Makes it easy to manage customers data
  5. Makes it easy to create and send invoices
  6. Easy to manage staff
  7. Easy to manage catalogue or services
  8. Presence of Email and SMS notification
  9. Very flexible to manage taxes
  10. This contains a Customer service help desk system.
  11. Manage Appointment and Calls log history

Free Download Software For Astrologer

How can we download PHP CRM for Astrologer Software?

Downloading PHP CRM for Astrologer purposes

  • First, you have to download PHP CRM source code from the PHP CRM website.
  • Upload it to your server
  • Run CRM folder files like
  • Enter database details like your server name, database, database username, database password and then click on the Next button.
  • In the next window enter your company information and Admin Login Details.
  • Click on Install Now.

Why is PHP CRM the best Astrologer Software?

Because of PHP CRM’s wide range of features like,

Lead Management system,

Opportunity Management system,

Customer Management system,

Appointment Management system,

Documents and Files Management system,

Quote Management system,

Invoice Billing Management system,

Expense Management system,

Inventory Management system,

User Management system,

Customer Help Desk system,

Accounting Report system,

GST Tax Management system,

SMS Email Notification and CRM Software security system

PHP CRM has become the best Astrologer software.

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