Courier Management Software

Courier Management Software

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The Courier Management Software is the one that is required for any Courier or delivery company. This software will make the process of delivery easy and simple. This uses a GPS tracking system for delivering the product to the right person. It helps the courier guy to deliver the order to the right destination by showing the route maps and to make sure for the company that the order was reached. This software manages the customer information, payment, bill address details, tracking of delivery, delivery status, etc. The work of this system involves from the starting stage that is from booking a parcel to the end stage which is delivering a parcel delivery person information.

Benefits of Courier Management Software:

  • Helps to deliver faster
    A good Courier Management system helps the driver to access the location of the customer and choose the better route for shipping of product faster so this reduces the time for delivery.
  • Manage Drivers for deliveries
    This will give the information of the delivery item and location to the nearest driver immediately so the driver who is in the nearest spot will deliver the item to the customer so there is no need to waste time by calling a customer and asking him to go for delivery
  • Helps in the growth of your Business
    With the transportation of items in the fastest time will give customers more satisfaction and they will order at all the time through your service. This will automatically increase your business.
  • Make Customers happy
    With the help of the software, you can make your customer look after his item’s location. This will generate happiness to know the status of the product. And we also deliver the items at the right time to the right destinations this will lead to the customers’ satisfaction and happiness.

Who can use courier management software?

Most of the companies which are associated with Courier and Delivery transportation require this Courier management Software for performing activities like managing products, taking orders, tracking orders, proper transportation of goods, storing customers data, maintaining proper staff details, displaying the price for particular transportation, invoicing, quotation and many more, etc.
We can use Courier management software for receiving orders from customers, storing the customer’s information, updating delivery status, managing invoices, storing Employee details, etc.

How to use courier management software in PHP CRM?

Courier management software in PHP CRM will perform the following:
Store all the customer’s information
With the help of a customer management system in PHP CRM, we can store the customer details which include customer address, name, contact details, and many more.
Store the order details
With the help of PHP CRM, we can store the order details like which product was ordered by the customer.
Status of the product
With the help of the status option in PHP CRM, we can update the status of the product whether it has reached the destination or is still traveling or yet not started, etc.
Store staff details
With the help of the staff management section, we can store the staff details of the company like the role of staff, their timings, their performance, which staff member is dealing with customer complaints, who is solving the issues, etc.

PHP CRM Software is used to maintain customer information from time to time and process the order quickly. It also stores the staff details, data related to the company, and many other things. This is an all-around software and is perfectly suitable for managing couriers.

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