Employee Documents Management System

Employee Documents Management System

An HR professional will inform you about the significance of good documentation. veritably regularly executives come to the Human Resources Dept. HR documentation is significant for numerous reasons. Documentation legitimizes work activities, from enrollment, resignation, and recession or termination. Development and Compensation are parts of employee documentation. Keeping up precise and complete documentation bolsters HR ideals, for illustration, planning succession, and advancement. HR documentation, when arranged cautiously, confidentially, and as per organizational procedures, is the foundation of an HR office. Important HR documents aren’t only vital for the HR Department but also for the business as a whole.

Human resources document management is the processes and ways involved in organizing, storing, and penetrating all types of HR files and data. A good HR document management result will allow you to concentrate on your job – managing human resources – rather than on painful audits and labor-intensive file modernizing and storing.

It’ll do this by

• Automatically modernizing and filing all HR-related forms and documents on a secure, cloud-based server
• swiftly and smoothly processing new candidates and onboarding new employees
• Securely storing and managing employee files in digital folders that ensure the separation of vital HR documents.

Its is a new-age, enterprise-ready HRMS suite that enables enterprises to automate their day-to-day HR processes, simplifies human interactions, and delivers actionable insights to build better workplaces and achieve their strategic HR goals faster and smarter.

What is PHP HR?

PHP HR is a web-based, self-hosted human resource management software that helps employers to manage important HR-related tasks like employee profile, documents, work, attendance, leave, payroll, performance, loan, reimbursement, assets, and employee recruitment management.

A Complete HRMS Suite Control your entire employee lifecycle on one unified platform

Recruitment & Onboarding

• Al Based CV Parsing & Stack Ranking
• Applicant Tracking System
• Personalized Candidate Portal
• Digitally Send & Accept Offer Letters

Talent Management

• Continuous Feedback
• Goal Cascading
• Multi-Stakeholder Feedback
• Succession & Merit Planning

Core HR

• Organization & Functional Structure
• Custom Workflows
• Permissions & Access Control
• Digitized Separation & Movements

Rewards & Recognition

• Peer-to-Peer Recognition
• Nomination-Based Reward Programs
• Gamified Leaderboard
• Plan & Administer Budgets

Time & Attendance

• Geo Tagged & Geo Fenced Attendance
• Personalized Shifts, Policies, & Weekly Offs
• Facial Recognition for Authentication
• Voice Bot for Interactive Actions

Payroll & Expenses

• Simple 4-Step Payroll Process
• Investment Declarations, Tax Computation
• Loans & Advance Management
• OCR Based on Bills Scans

Employee Engagement

• Pulse Surveys / Polls
• Enterprise Social Network – Vibe
• Organization Calendar
• Work / Interest-Based Groups

People Analytics

• Configurable Reports by Role
• Visual Dashboards for Leadership
• Interactive Drill-down & Aggregation
• AI-Powered Trends & Prediction

HR Help desk

• Internal HR Ticketing System
• Issue Resolution & SLA Management
• Role Based Query Assignment

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